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Welcome to Our website aims to be a complete guide to silver buying, encompassing both physical and “paper” investments, as well as explaining online and local silver purchases. Our homepage will summarize and link to the main sections of our website.

Ways to Own Silver

While most of the public thinks of silver investments as hoards of huge silver bars, there are actually quite a few other ways to own or be exposed to silver as an investment. Physical silver is certainly a common method, and is the one we recommend most, but you can also gain exposure through other “paper”, or non-physical, investments.

Even if you are buying physical, there are hundreds if not thousands of different types of physical silver, all with various purities, shapes, weights, and producers. This section of our guide goes over the various methods for gaining silver exposure, and also classifies each type of physical silver bullion.

If you choose to go with physical bullion, your purchase options will vary from online retailers to local coin shops or coin shows. If you plan on buying online, check out who is one of the largest online dealers of precious metals.

Alternatively, if you are looking for live silver prices, you can visit, the number one site for silver price charts in every national currency in the world.

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Silver Coins - The Most Popular Coins in the Market

Silver Eagles

Silver Eagles
American Silver Eagles are the most popular silver bullion coin in North America, and carry a face value of $1 USD.

Silver Philharmonics

Silver Philharmonics
Austrian Silver Philharmonics are the most recognized coin out of the Eurozone, and carry a face value of 1.5 Euros.

Silver Maples

Silver Maples
Silver Maple Leafs are produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, and carry a face value in Canada of $1 CAD. This coin is .9999 pure.

Junk Silver

Junk Silver
Junk silver refers to USA currency coins that contain either 35%, 40%, or 90% silver content. These are sold in face value lots.


Our website was built in 2013 to serve as an educational resource to retail silver investors. As precious metals gain more and more popularity in the mainstream media, traditional retail investors look to diversify their portfolio into both gold and silver. We like silver, as it is more accessible to all investors, while still being extremely liquid and prevalent. Our website contains a wealth of information about silver investing, including types of bullion, where to buy it, how to store and protect it, and more. Please browse around to learn more.

Latest Silver News and Market Updates

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February 25th, 2015

February 23rd Weekly Silver Market Preview

Precious metals are moving between minor gains and minor losses as of the writing of this post Monday morning. The reality of the matter is that things this week are shaping up to be just as slow as they have been for the past two or three weeks. Not only are there very few pieces of markets-moving economic data, what economic data is made public has thus far not had much of an impact on the global marketplace. As has been the case for the better part... Read more

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February 17th, 2015

February 16th Weekly Silver Market Preview

As of the writing of this post early Monday morning, precious metals spot values are posting mixed earnings. With that being said, however, neither gold nor silver have moved all that much and are not too far from where they began the day. Like last week, this 5-day trading session is expected to be particularly slow and free from any noteworthy, markets-moving economic data. While this is true, the market does have quite a few geopolitical stories to... Read more

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February 9th, 2015

February 9th Weekly Silver Market Preview

Thanks to reeling equities as well as a USD Index that has come under pressure, gold and silver have been able to bounce back modestly on Monday. Unfortunately, gains thus far have been modest to say the least. With that being said, however, we are seeing more of a risk-off attitude developing amongst investors and there is a growing belief that such an attitude might consume the whole of this week. We will just have to wait and see to find out... Read more