Delaware Depository Services Silver Storage

Among the most popular options for silver depository storage is the Delaware Depository Service, located in Wilmington, DE. The Delaware Depository Service provides storage facilities of depository storage, custody, vaulting, and warehousing for all the precious metals- gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Both bullion bars and coins can be stored in their depository. They are fully insured, which is helpful to you to know when making your decision as to which depository to choose to safeguard your silver investment.

Storage Accounts at Delaware Depository Services

Different types of accounts are available at Delaware Depository Services depending on the type and amount of silver you hold, as well as your personal preferences. All of the silver you place in a storage account is fully allocated for you, meaning that if and when you choose to withdraw your silver, you will receive the exact same silver that you had initially deposited.

Two types of storage accounts are available at Delaware Depository Services- Standard and Premium Accounts. Within these, options for segregated and non-segregated storage arrangements are available. The Standard Account is what most general investors will choose. This is for storage of common silver bullion bars and coins that don’t require any special attention.

First-time investors will find this option attractive, as all the facilities for secured storage are offered at a discounted rate. The Premium Account is tailored for rare coin collectors or serious investors that have amassed silver bullion bars or coins that do require special attention. Coins that fit these criteria include rare mint-year-specific coins, proof sets, and certified coins. Additionally, if you have been lucky enough to stumble upon an Engelhard or other coveted bullion bar, you could consider opening a Premium Account.

Fees at Delaware Depository Services

Segregated and non-segregated storage arrangements are available. Depending on the one you choose, your annual fee varies. Segregated storage arrangements are allocated accounts, and the annual fee for this option is 1.50% of the total and current dollar value of the silver you have in storage.

Non-segregated silver is pooled with that of the other customers the company services in one large pool allocated account. The fee for this is 0.75% of the total and current dollar value of the silver you have in storage. You should decide which type of account is right for you based on the type of silver bullion you’ve chosen to store.

Services Offered by Delaware Depository Services

The company is relatively transparent when it comes to giving out account information. At any interval you choose, full information on your account will be provided; to include shipping manifests, holdings statements, and other transaction details. This is sent to you by mail, fax, or email; whichever you prefer.

Transfer services are readily available. If you have multiple accounts at Delaware Depository Services, you can opt to transfer your silver into other accounts within Delaware Depository Services. You can also have it insure shipped elsewhere, using reputable transport companies such as the United States Postal Service or even armored transport companies, if you’d feel more comfortable.

Transaction settlement assistance is also offered. If you are currently negotiating a transaction with an unknown buyer or seller, you can choose to have Delaware Depository Services act as a third-party intermediary. What they will do for you is hold both the silver and the money to be paid in escrow until both parties have fulfilled their end of the bargain. Then only will they allow the transfer of silver.